About Us

What is Ichigo-Citron?

Nice to meet you!
I am Tokutaro, a member of Ichigo-Citron.

Ichigo-Citron (15citron) is an amateur duo in Japan.
We create apps, draw illustrations and compose music.

In Japanese, "1, 5" is read as "ichi, go" which means a strawberry.
Therefore, 15citron means a strawberry and a citron.
(Please read as you like. For instance, fifteen-citrons etc.)

We like video games.
If you also like them, please become friends with us!



My roles are graphic, music and programming.
I am good at C# and Java.

I have Behcet's disease.
Sometimes, I lose my sight by the disease.
So, I walk slowly not to fall over.
I am like a turtle.

Rin Hazawa

She draws illustrations.
She has a Wacom Cintiq which is a LCD tablet for drawing.
It is her precious treasure.

She likes small animals, especially rabbits.
She is also small.
She looks like a rabbit...


Title Format Genre Release
Mikoto's English (Mikotan) Android Casual 2018/08/01
Happy Clover Android Casual 2016/12/18
Nekodamari Android Shooter 2016/06/24
White Guardian Android Simulation 2015/12/29
Do Chi Mo Se Ri I Android Puzzle 2015/04/24
Aqua=Arius 2 Reincarnation Web Role-playing 2010/04/01
Rozen Diadem Windows Shooter 2008/09/27
Hector'39 Windows Shooter 2008/03/09
Ham☆Pang! (2006) Windows Action 2006/04/01
Melon Squash! Windows Platformer 2006/03/15
Ham☆Pang! (2004) Windows Action 2004/04/01
Kapra W The Road to Aldebaran Windows Shooter 2003/11/05
Sylph=Arius Web Role-playing 2003/02/14
Feather Raid Windows Shooter 2002/08/11
Eternal Green Windows Role-playing 2001/12/30
Little Princess Web Role-playing 2001/10/06
Grand Colosseum Rebirth Windows Card 2001/08/10
Aqua=Arius Web Role-playing 1999/02/11
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