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You met a little girl in the park.
Her name is "Nozomi".

She was searching for 4-leaf clovers.
You decided to help her.


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This application requests Android 4.0 or more.

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How to Play

Find 4-leaf clovers for Nozomi.

If you tap on her head, she may talk.
But, she doesn't talk much when her happiness(heart) is small.

If you get many 4-leaf clovers, her happiness will increase.
Her attitude changes by her happiness.

Sometimes, you cannot find 4-leaf clovers.
In such a case, you should try again in a few hours.


Body & Head

preview 101 preview 102 preview 103 preview 104
Sailor Dress
Sailor Cap
Winter Casual Costume Chiffon Blouse 1
Ribbon Alice Band 1
Chiffon Blouse 2
Ribbon Alice Band 2
preview 105 preview 106
Noir Dress
Noir Hair Ribbons
Xmas Costume
Xmas Cap
preview 107 preview 108 preview 109 preview 110
Guardian Yuka
Costume +
Guardian Shizuku
Costume +
Nekodamari Milpha
Alice Dress +
Hair Ribbons
Do Chi Mo Se Ri I
Costume +
preview 111
Saint Patrick's Day
Costume + Mini Hat


preview 202
Rabbit Alice Band


preview 301 preview 302 preview 303
Oval Glasses / Red Oval Glasses / Blue Oval Glasses / Silver


preview 401 preview 402 preview 403 preview 404
Rabbit Hairpin Turtle Hairpin Hair Clips 1
Blue and White
Hair Clips 2
Pink and Red
preview 405 preview 406
4-leaf Clover Hairpin Xmas Holly Hairpin


Happy Clover Nozomi


Tokutaro Rin Hazawa

© 2016 Ichigo-Citron (15citron)