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for Android

Happy Clover

Happy Clover

You met a little girl in the park.
Let's search for 4-leaf clovers with her!



This is a fixed shooter.
Never mind the details! Just run! Just shoot!

White Guardian (Japanese)

White Guardian

This is a simple battle game.
You should train the girls to defeat the Catastrophe!

Do Chi Mo Se Ri I (Japanese)

Do Chi Mo Se Ri I

Chimori is a magical girl who came from the Saturn.
Save the Earth by her strange power!

for Windows

Rozen Diadem (Japanese)

Rozen Diadem

This is a vertically scrolling shooter of Rozen Maiden.
You have to switch two dolls, Shinku and Suigintou.

Hector'39 (Japanese)


This is a vertically scrolling shooter of Miku Hatsune.
Tapi Bomber is very important to get high scores.

Old works

Melon Squash! (Japanese)

Ham☆Pang! (Japanese)

Kapra W The Road to Aldebaran (Japanese)

Feather Raid (Japanese)

Eternal Green (Japanese)

Grand Colosseum Rebirth (Japanese)

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